Melissa Benoist: In celebration of Supergirl season 2 premiere

On October 10th 2016, The CW series Supergirl has its season 2 premiere.In celebration of this momentous occasion, we at Hot Celebs Club have pulled all the hottest and sexiest photos and videos of its lead; Houston-born Hot Celeb Melissa Benoist.

Although born in Houston, Melissa was raised in Colorado by Julie and James. After graduating from High School in 2007, she studied in Maymount Manhattan College in New York and graduated from there in 2011.

Benoist’s first film was singer Mariah Carey‘s Tennessee in 2008. In 2012 she won the role of Marley Rose in Glee and would go on to appear in 35 episodes. in March 2015 she married fellow Glee star Blake Jenner. 

Melissa’s other roles have led her to appear in 2014 Oscar-winning film Whiplash and alongside Al Pacino in 215 film, Danny Collins. IIt is her appearances in 2011’s Homeland episodes “Grace” and “Clean Skin” that really stand out for us, as Melissa bares her small but perfectly formed boobs for us. And not only does she go topless, we get plenty of time to soak them all in. Makes sure you check out the videos below.

n October 2015, the first episode of Supergirl was aired on CBS and also stars Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant and Mechad Brooks as James Olsen.

In the first episode of this second season which will be shown on The CW, a new threat emerges in National City. Supergirl, played by Melissa, teams up with her cousin Superman to stop it. However, we’re a little more interested in Melissa’s appearance in Homeland where she shows off her amazing tits. If that’s not quite enough for you or not to your liking, what about her perfect ass?

Supergirl topless and sexy photos

Supergirl topless and sexy videos


Melissa Benoist’s ass is on show as she sunbathes naked

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