Melissa Rauch nude scene from The Bronze (updated)

The first photos of Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch nude in her new film, “The Bronze” have emerged. There’s some doubt if it’s actually Melissa or a body double in all the scenes as there is confirmation that a double was used in at least the more “athletic” scenes in this article:

What Melissa doesn’t say though, is if ALL the scenes were performed by a double. However, Melissa who plays Bernadette Rostenkowski in The Big Bang Theory, hasn’t done anything this raunchy previously, so it seems like it would be unlikely that these screen caps would be her.

Unfortunately, these first few photos are not of a high-enough quality  to be certain one way or the other. As soon as we get something better we’ll be posting them here. In the meantime, we can hope, right?

UPDATE: Here is the scene, now in 1080p video:

Melissa Rauch nude captures from the Bronze

The babes of The Big Bang Theory
Melissa Rauch masturbating to orgasm in The Bronze
Melissa Rauch upskirt panty peek
Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch grabbing their boobs

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